How to reduce cholesterol

More than 100 million Americans have high cholesterol (above 200 mg/dL), which can clog arteries and cause heart attacks and strokes.

The good news is that there are a variety of time-tested strategies you can use to lower your cholesterol and decrease your risk for heart problems.

Some are better than others, some are easier, and some are cheaper. Here’s a rundown of what’s good and what’s bad about cholesterol-lowering approaches.


Pros: Statins include drugs such as Lipitor, Zocor, and Crestor (all the generic names end in statin), and they can lower LDL, or “bad,” cholesterol by more than 50%. “Across the board, they are clearly a wonder drug,” says Thomas Pearson, MD, PhD, the Albert D. Kaiser professor of preventive medicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center, in Rochester, N.Y.

Cons: Side effects can be serious, including muscle inflammation and increased liver enzymes. Cost is also an issue, although several statins are available in generic form, including Lipitor, which became available as a generic at the end of 2011.


Pros: Niacin is a B vitamin that lowers both LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, fats that can be harmful at high levels. It also raises HDL, or “good,” cholesterol. “It’s a powerful drug,” Dr. Pearson says. It comes in tablets to be taken two or three times a day, or in an extended-release formula, which needs to be taken only once a day.

Cons: Niacin should be administered only under the care of a physician because doses high enough to affect cholesterol can increase the risk of gout and liver problems, Dr. Pearson says. People with type 2 diabetes also need to be careful, as it can raise blood sugar. Read more about niacin.

Cholesterol can also affect the legs

Cholesterol can clog the heart’s blood vessels, but it can also affect the legs, leading to peripheral arterial disease, or PAD.

Up to 12 million people in the U.S. have PAD, which is linked to a higher risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke, says David Slovut, MD, director of advanced interventional therapy at Montefiore Medical Center.

After five years, 20% of people with PAD will have had a nonfatal heart attack.

Here are 11 signs you could have PAD. The good news? It’s treatable.


An extremely common PAD symptom is claudication, a type of leg pain or discomfort.

Because the arteries are clogged, they can’t deliver enough blood to the legs to support exertion. Some people say their legs feel “heavy” or tired, or they report a burning pain, Dr. Slovut says.

The pain can be in any part of the leg, from the calf to the thigh or buttock, and it may be in one or both legs. It’s also reproducible: The pain happens when walking a certain distance (like two blocks), it’s relieved by rest, and then occurs again when walking the same distance.


Nighttime cramps

While sleeping, people with PAD may get cramps or spasms, typically in the heel, forefoot, or toes, says Darren Schneider, MD, director of the Center for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at New York–Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center.

The pain can often be relieved by dangling the foot off the bed or sitting in a chair, which allows gravity to assist blood flow to the feet, Dr. Schneider says.

Know The Causes of High Cholesterol

You’re not alone—so do about 100 million other Americans. High cholesterol comes from a variety of sources, including your family history and what you eat. Here is a visual journey through the most common causes.

Eating too much saturated fat (like the kind found in this classic breakfast) can cause high cholesterol. You will find this unhealthy fat in foods that come from animals. Beef, pork, veal, milk, eggs, butter, and cheese contain saturated fat. Packaged foods that contain coconut oil, palm oil, or cocoa butter may have a lot of saturated fat. You will also find saturated fat in stick margarine, vegetable shortening, and most cookies, crackers, chips, and other snacks.

Your beer belly isn’t just bad for your social life. Being overweight may increase triglycerides and decrease HDL, or good cholesterol. Losing that gut can go a long way toward improving your beach bod, too.

Hey, get off that couch and get moving. Lack of physical activity may increase LDL, or bad cholesterol, and decrease HDL, or good cholesterol.

After you reach age 20, your cholesterol levels naturally begin to rise. In men, cholesterol levels generally level off after age 50. In women, cholesterol levels stay fairly low until menopause, after which they rise to about the same level as in men.

Looking On The Bright Side of Health

Methods to Find the Best Nutritionist. Nutritionists are in high demand in the USA because of the rising population of people who are overweight. As a result of their health concerns many people are contacting the nutritionists as they seek advice on their healthy measures. The nutritionist will advise you on exactly what you are supposed to consume, how much you should consume and tips on how you should cook. If you have a medical problem and you contact the nutritionist they will advise you on how your diet should be. You can follow the steps below if you are looking for a professional nutritionist. You can consult from your primary doctor’s office if you want to get the best nutritionist. If you are looking for a nutritionist within your locality your insurance cover and your personal doctor am some of the people who will refer the best nutritionist to you. It is important you specialize in getting a nutritionist who specializes in your area of illness if you are suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes. Before settling with a nutritionist contact your insurance cover and check if they will be responsible for paying them. You should be ready to pay for the expenses of your nutritionist if you don’t have an insurance over to pay them. Another place you can look for a professional nutrition dentist is at the American Dietetic Association. This is the best place to check for a professional nutritionist because you will find a list of all the certified nutritionist across the nation. By pressing the filter button you will get the best nutritionist within your local area. If you search for a nutritionist from the association you will be having that comfortable feeling of knowing that you are working with the best. You can also get the best nutritionist from the certification office. If you want to know if the nutritionist you want to hire is satisfied, you can check then on the certification office. You can make the verification from the license board and you can also check if the nutritionist is allowed to work within that region. Your close friends and relatives can also advise you and tell you where you can get the best nutritionists. If your friends have been in the same situation you are in, they will assist you in getting the best nutritionist. After checking all these considerations you should make up your mind and settle with the best nutritionist. You will make up your mind on which nutritionist based on their professionalism. It is important that you choose a nutritionist that you will be comfortable working with. Once you have gotten the best nutritionist you can contact them and start working with them.Doing Wellness The Right Way

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The Essentials of Workouts – Breaking Down the Basics

Qualities of a Good Fitness Personal Trainer for in Home A professional expert in fitness and health is popularly referred to as a personal trainer. This term can be generally be used when referring to that person who takes you through some fitness exercises and routines. They have the responsibility of training you on the things that you want to know according to what you want to achieve personally. At the end of their training session, they should have taken you through what you really wanted to know or achieve. Personal trainers should be well trained, skilled and very knowledgeable about what they will be taking you though. Good qualities of a personal trainer is what will always make their work outstanding hence leading to success. The following art hw qualities that makes a person to become a good and qualified personal trainer. Experience of the personal trainer is a quality that you have to consider before choosing one. You will always want to get someone who is has got experience in training what you want. A personal trainer with the experience is always professional and has the capability of seeing you through your training successfully. Experience is also a factor that you can use to determine the academic excellence of the personal trainer. A good personal trainer is that who has got a good academic excellence that will make them also handle very delicate issues very well especially health and fitness experts. Appearance f a person al trainer matters when determining how he or she can handle issues. A personal trainer should always lead by example, what is popularly known as walking the talk. Your appearance will attract more client and even want to spend more time with you. Dressing code also speaks of what a personal trainer is capable of doing. A personal trainer should be dressed in full training robes.
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Creativity is another quality of a good personal trainer. A good personal trainer should be able to design and develop his or her own physical exercises. His or her works should be original and not copied from others. Original designs will work best for you and also earn you popularity. Creativity of your personal trainer makes him or her capable of handling any problem that arises because they always have the urge of finding new ways of solving the problem.
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A personal trainer should have knowledge o each of their clients. By understanding them he or she will be able to handle them professionally. They should also have the product knowledge of what they are selling; for example having knowledge about human anatomy and coordination of exercise with the body tissues. Having product knowledge on relationship of exercise and body tissues will allows them handle any kind of accidents or injuries that nay occur during a training session.

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Benefits of Advocare Spark There are many people who have experienced challenges with their weight over there years. A while back not too many folks cared how they looked. However, the foods eaten then and the lifestyle people had did not necessarily promote rapid gaining of weight. In fact, there were less calories in food and people lived less sedentary lifestyles. However, the issue of weight has slowly become a major problem in the 20th and 21at centuries. Because of this, so many products and techniques have been created to go towards making it easier to lose weight or get the power to act on exercise. Advocare is one of the best weight loss programs available, and they have the unmatched Advocare spark energy drink which helps people in a number of ways. Below are some of the advantages of the Advocare Spark Energy drink. Facilitates Mental Focus Lacking the energy required to focus can be detrimental. Psychologists say that it is very hard to accomplish a task meaningfully without the required focus. The spark drink helps to improve one’s cognitive capacity. Being busy can cause you to skip meals or eat at odd times. This creates problems with focusing because the body has been drained of energy. Advocare spark allows you to regain the energy you need quickly.
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It has a lot of Nutrients and Minerals.
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The Advocare Spark energy drink has more than 20 vitamins nutrients and minerals that when combined work together to provide an effective balanced and healthy energy source. This combination makes this drink one of the best in the market. The energy drink comes in different flavors such as cherry, mango, strawberry, grape and mandarin oranges which contain all the necessary minerals and vitamins. Promotes Long-Lasting energy Individuals who take a lot of time working out or those who work a lot during the day know how important an energy drink is. Drinking energy drinks helps the body to gain back its lost energy that may have been depleted as a result of vigorous exercises. This energy drink ensures that the energy your body has regained has been maintained for a longer period of time. Has No Sugar Content Advocare energy drink is one of the most recommended energy drink in the market due to its low calorie levels of only 45 calories with no sugar content. The human body can only work with a specific sugar content. Often, you will find that high sugar content in the body leads to other health issues. Advocare energy drink promotes healthy living. Eliminates Drowsiness Drowsiness can be experienced when one is tired because the job they are in is very demanding mostly in a situation where one has to work in shifts. Drinking the Advocare energy drink helps you fight the effects of drowsiness when at work.

The Path To Finding Better Medicines

Some Information You Must Know About Medicinal Mushrooms In the eastern hemisphere of the globe, the medicinal mushrooms have certainly been used for many years. The health properties possessed by the medicinal mushrooms have been known to have a lot of healing properties which can help in many functions of the body. Know that these healing qualities work with the body by boosting the immune system and also improving the natural ability of the body to heal itself. The body was designed to heal itself. Problems with hormonal induced foods, laboratory-made foods as well as other things, these would cause the natural ability to weaken and decay and diseases would result too. Such things are quite prevalent in the western hemisphere of the world but less in the other countries. It is very funny since so many ingredients in the daily meals you have are quite hard to pronounce and this may not be a good thing. You may start by checking out the internet and you should know more about the medicinal mushrooms. You have to know that there are some mushrooms which have been used for several thousands of years and such cultures are able to learn more and more about the health benefits which they have. One mushroom could have three active ingredients which provide enormous benefits. The active ingredients would include the polysaccharide that can stimulate and also modulate the immune system. There is also the Ganoderic Acid that would balance hormones, is anti-inflammatory, would protect the liver and is also anti-tumor. Also an excellent thing is the Adenosine that could help in improving healing and such is a coronary vasodilator and this is neuro-protective too. The active ingredients can cause them to have unparalleled benefits such as cardiovascular health, digestive health, detox, liver health, increased vitality, immune health and several others
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There is a culture which is referring to a major medicinal mushrooms as herb of longevity. This is the same culture that revered the mushroom for over 5000 years because of making good fortune, longevity, beauty, happiness and health. Certainly, this is one good reason why such medicinal mushroom has been around for a long time and this is because of the fact that they are really effective.
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The Lingzhi mushroom has a lot of names. This is even called Reishi mushroom. When you would do a little research into such mushrooms then you will be able to find that a lot of people are having great things to say regarding them. There are so many benefits that are also listed. This kind of mushroom is the most studied mushroom. For you to be able to take advantage of the benefits provided by the medicinal mushroom, then you have to spend time to study them and get to know them more.

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The Many Health Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms Medicinal mushrooms have long been popular and was used to treat different kinds of illnesses and diseases for many years. Medicinal mushrooms are known to treat various kinds of diseases, and numbers of scientists and researchers can attest how effective it is. Medical mushrooms are known to have many healing qualities that can help the human body function much better. Medicinal mushrooms are known to enhance or improve the body’s natural ability to heal itself and at the same time boost your immune system. And yes, you’ve heard it right, human body was designed to heal itself. Indeed, there are many health benefits which you will surely enjoy if you start taking medicinal mushrooms. It is advisable that you take medicinal mushrooms than taking a lot of lab created foods or supplements. Medicinal mushrooms are organic and natural, thus, it is much safer. It is important to note that there are countless of online stores or manufacturers out there that sells medicinal mushrooms, and it is important that you choose the one that offers superior quality products. If you want to make sure that you are only taking the best medicinal mushrooms out there, then you need to dedicate some time doing a little research on the Internet. We have a world today that is full of vaccines and supplements that can help us combat specific illnesses or diseases. Prolonging one’s life is now all possible since we have advanced medical technology which can increase the quality of life for individuals. Even though we now have vaccines, supplements, and the technology to combat different kinds of sickness, there are still diseases out there which are considered to be incurable. People still live a sedentary lifestyle and people love to take unhealthy diets.
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To make sure that you prolong your life and make it disease-free, it is advisable that you find ways on how to make yourself a lot healthier. You have heard the saying “prevention is better than cure”, well, it is still true even today. It is recommended that you take medicinal mushrooms if you want to prevent different kinds of diseases and wanted to have a healthier life. You need to do more exercise and eat a healthy and balanced diet – don’t forget to take medicinal mushrooms. Take care of yourself today if you want to save a lot of cash in the future since acquiring a disease and going to a hospital can be very expensive.
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Take medicinal mushroom today if you want to become a lot healthier and fight infection, inflammation, and illnesses. You should also know that medicinal mushrooms have no side effects – taking it is very safe.

Why Workouts Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Where You Can Look to Find Effective Online Workout Videos It seems like almost everyone nowadays is on the hunt to find a new way to get plenty of exercise. This is because of the fact that we tend to lead very sedentary lifestyles between our work and our home lives. When we don’t exercise, we tend to see the impacts in our ballooning weight and the decrease in life expectancy we receive. Because of the major health and lifestyle benefits that you’ll be able to enjoy when you exercise regularly, you’re going to find that most people will be on a constant hunt for the best exercise. For a lot of people, getting to the gym can be a lot more work than they’re able to handle. As a result, it’s often necessary to think about other methods of working out that can end up being equally helpful. For a lot of exercise enthusiasts these days, barre workouts will prove to be the most effective. With barre workouts, you’ll be able to develop all of your primary muscles, feel like you can continue to exercise for a lot longer, and get back into shape. If you’d like to learn more about how to find the best online workouts for your adventures into barre exercises, make sure to check out the article below. The most common way to get access to the very best online workout videos will be to sign up for a barre exercises course. These courses are going to give you a steady progression from your early exercise efforts to the time when you are completely dominating every workout that you attempt. You’re going to find it a lot easier to know you’re doing the right moves once you’ve found the kind of online workout programs that are designed for your type of conditioning. As long as you find the type of program with a great reputation for success, you should find it very easy to be able to see some impressive improvement in your physical condition.
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Of course, you can also find a range of online workout videos for free. While these types of free videos might not be quite as cohesive or coherent, you can feel certain that you’ll get the basic benefits that you need.
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If you’re serious about improving your physical conditioning, there is no question that barre exercises can bring about some really impressive results. There is no doubt that you’re going to be much more likely to get into great shape when you’re working with the right kinds of workout videos.

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What Are the Health Benefits of Rolfing Healing Bodywork? Rolfing could be the thing that you need most these days. This kind of bodywork is also called structural integration. It manipulates the concepts of injury and habit not only to stop the body pain being felt by the person but also to restore his or her feelings of happiness and inspiration. However, this is just the beginning of what rolfing can really do to you. There are numerous benefits rolfing can bring about in a person such as changing one’s life for the better, improving one’s overall health, and optimizing one’s athletic ability. Besides the recently mentioned benefits, there are still other benefits of rolfing and they are as follows: The capacity of the person to properly breathe is increased. This effect takes place because rolfing enables the tissues surrounding one’s lungs and diaphragm to be opened. When it comes to breathing, these muscles are the ones that are responsible. After the rolfing treatment, you are then more capable of breathing more fully and deeply. When there is increased oxygen circulation in the person’s body, he or she will then feel more energized to work, live, and play while not increasing any levels of his or her stress. Besides this, you are also able to achieve the adequate hours of sleep and able to wake up feeling more refreshed and fatigue-free.
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Another advantage of getting rolfing treatment is a longer duration of relief from pain. In comparison to the short-term pain relief you are able to obtain from other treatments, rolfing on the other hand is able to relieve chronic pain in the long term. Basically consider your body as an entire web or organs rather than different parts. Whatever imbalances or restrictions you have in a particular area could definitely affect other areas of your body.
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An example to depict this concept is the pain that you feel around your lower back region that may be the result of tight hamstrings as well as collapsed quads and feet arches. Now, long-lasting relief from this kind of back pain is only achieved when you address the leg muscles as well as your arches. Optimizing one’s emotional well-being is another advantage of rolfing. Rolfing is highly recommended for those people who are not able to easily express their emotions as well as those who feel overwhelmed when they feel strong emotions. Emotions are responsible for numerous chemical reactions happening in your body so that you can deal with certain situations. If you do not express these emotions, then these chemical molecules are not released in your body but just stored between your tissues. Your body may need countless years to be able to successfully rid itself of these chemical molecules. With rolfing, these stored chemical molecules brought about by your emotions are released an an optimum level.

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Benefits of Gym Attire Everyone knows that today, there are a lot of problems in the world, one of these problems is the fact that there are more and more fat people popping up. People should be aware of the fact that a recent study actually showed some shocking numbers, around two thirds of all American adults are either overweight or obese! This study gives people a clearer idea of just how big the problem is becoming. Everyone should be aware of the fact that being overweight is actually linked to a lot of diseases and conditions that they certainly do not want to get. All people who are overweight should certainly start changing their lifestyle, and they should start losing weight. Everyone who wants to go to the gym and exercise should get some proper clothes first. People sometimes wonder whether or not it is really worth it to spend some money on gym clothes. The answer is yes, and everyone who gets gym clothes for himself or herself will actually enjoy a lot of benefits. Today, let’s have a short look at some of the many benefits that you can enjoy with a proper gym attire when you hit the gym. One of the most important reasons why you should get proper gym attire when you go to the gym is so that you will be comfortable. Everyone should know that being comfortable while exercising is very important. People who are wearing uncomfortable clothes while they are working out can get distracted easily. Being distracted while exercising is certainly not a good thing, and people might not be able to get their ideal exercise if they are distracted. Also, if people are not wearing the proper gym clothes, they might not be able to do some of the exercises. Everyone should certainly not wear clothes that are not flexible, stiff clothing is very bad for the gym.
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Another reason why people will love the fact that they have gym clothes is because gym clothe are designed to wipe the sweat off their bodies. Some people make the mistake of wearing cotton shirts to the gym, and these people enjoy a large sweat-bath. Everyone should know that cotton is not good for exercise because cotton shirts absorb sweat instead of wicking it away. Someone with a proper gym shirt will never feel the sweat sticking to their bodies, because their shirt will help him or her wick that sweat away!
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Proper gym attire such as compression clothing can also improve blood circulation. Everyone who wears the proper attire for a gym workout will also lessen the risk of getting injured while they are working out. Therefore, all people who are thinking of taking a trip to the gym should certainly get themselves some proper gym clothes first. People who do so will enjoy all the advantages and many more!

If You Think You Get Diamonds, Then This Might Change Your Mind

Best Means Of Purchasing Wedding And Engagement Rings Whenever you might get to prepare for a wedding or an engagement ceremony, you will find that you do need to have everything that would be required, meaning that, you do need to have the rings, this will be a means through which you can ascertain that everything can get to work out as planned, furthermore, you will find that you can get to know of everything that you would need, meaning that, you will be appeased and also that you can know of all that you would need. This will therefore mean that, there will be some considerations which you will have to make, these will be a means of ascertaining that of all which you get to do, you will find the rings that you would like and also that you can get to know everything that will be able to ascertain that you can be assuaged or even that you will be appeased. When getting to look for the best rings, you do find that it would be better when you do know of the budget that you would need, meaning that, you have to know the price that you would like or even all that will work in your favour, thus being able to ascertain that you all can be appeased or even that you can find all that you can afford.
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Apart from the price, you will find that it will get to be better when you do know more about the size, this will ascertain that you can know of the rings which will get to fit, furthermore, you will find that you will have a much better means through which all that you get to do will work in your favour.
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More so, you will find that it would always get to be better when you have been able to know of all that you would need, this will mean that, you can get to know of the design, this will be a much better means through which you will ascertain that you can know of all that would be best and also that you can ascertain that the rings which you get to find can get to look just as you would like them which will be something which you can all commemorate. When you are looking for the best means through which you can find all the information that you would like, you will find that getting to use the internet can work in your favour, meaning that, you can have a much better means of ascertaining that of all which you do, you can be appeased and also that you will attain some value for your money.

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The 5 Types Of Female Urinary Incontinence Not everyone’s comfortable talking about this particular subject but, female urinary incontinence is a very serious matter and it is affecting millions of lives. At the same time, it can make a person not want to go out as it makes them always look for bathroom. And whether you believe it or not, this can disrupt sleep, falls from rushing to bathroom and even cause skin irritation. There are various types of it as well and following are: Number 1. Urge incontinence – you know that you have this in case that you experience big leaks at the most unexpected moments involuntarily, including when you are sleeping. Not only that, you might have the urgency to void. The good news is, it can be treated naturally, assuming that you do not have any neurological condition similar to multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries or dementia. Number 2. Stress incontinence – this is when you are experiencing leaks of small amounts of urine when you sneeze, cough, jump or laugh. This is treatable even if you do not take drugs or surgery, assuming that you don’t have any neurological condition like what’s mentioned above. Some of the common causes of it are pregnancy and weak pelvic floor musculature. Number 3. Mixed incontinence – you have this female urinary incontinence if you have the combination of stress and urge incontinence. Some of the usual causes are sedentary lifestyle, disuse atrophy of urogenital anatomy or weak pelvic floor muscles and non specific engagement of muscle innervations or not doing any specific exercises correctly for such area. In reality, even without taking drugs or surgery, this condition can be treated.
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Number 4. Overflow incontinence – this is basically the sudden leak as a result of full bladder. This takes place even without physical movement and some causes of it are fecal impaction or dry stool that can’t pass out of your system, weak detrusor muscle or muscles that form the wall of bladder.
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Number 5. Functional incontinence – actually, this is a kind of leakage due to the inability to reach toilet due to traumatic brain injuries and dementia and/or physical disabilities. This kind of female urinary incontinence isn’t treatable and when a person has such condition, they’re the ones who need to use pads and adult diapers. One of the unknown risks for incontinence is falls from rushing to bathroom and/or falling on urine leaks. As what told by experts, nocturia, rushing to bathroom to avoid episodes of urge incontinent episodes and urinary frequency likely increase the risk of falling that would result to fractures. For this, having appropriate treatment and early diagnosis of urge incontinence can help decreasing the risk of fractures.