How to reduce cholesterol

More than 100 million Americans have high cholesterol (above 200 mg/dL), which can clog arteries and cause heart attacks and strokes.

The good news is that there are a variety of time-tested strategies you can use to lower your cholesterol and decrease your risk for heart problems.

Some are better than others, some are easier, and some are cheaper. Here’s a rundown of what’s good and what’s bad about cholesterol-lowering approaches.


Pros: Statins include drugs such as Lipitor, Zocor, and Crestor (all the generic names end in statin), and they can lower LDL, or “bad,” cholesterol by more than 50%. “Across the board, they are clearly a wonder drug,” says Thomas Pearson, MD, PhD, the Albert D. Kaiser professor of preventive medicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center, in Rochester, N.Y.

Cons: Side effects can be serious, including muscle inflammation and increased liver enzymes. Cost is also an issue, although several statins are available in generic form, including Lipitor, which became available as a generic at the end of 2011.


Pros: Niacin is a B vitamin that lowers both LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, fats that can be harmful at high levels. It also raises HDL, or “good,” cholesterol. “It’s a powerful drug,” Dr. Pearson says. It comes in tablets to be taken two or three times a day, or in an extended-release formula, which needs to be taken only once a day.

Cons: Niacin should be administered only under the care of a physician because doses high enough to affect cholesterol can increase the risk of gout and liver problems, Dr. Pearson says. People with type 2 diabetes also need to be careful, as it can raise blood sugar. Read more about niacin.

Cholesterol can also affect the legs

Cholesterol can clog the heart’s blood vessels, but it can also affect the legs, leading to peripheral arterial disease, or PAD.

Up to 12 million people in the U.S. have PAD, which is linked to a higher risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke, says David Slovut, MD, director of advanced interventional therapy at Montefiore Medical Center.

After five years, 20% of people with PAD will have had a nonfatal heart attack.

Here are 11 signs you could have PAD. The good news? It’s treatable.


An extremely common PAD symptom is claudication, a type of leg pain or discomfort.

Because the arteries are clogged, they can’t deliver enough blood to the legs to support exertion. Some people say their legs feel “heavy” or tired, or they report a burning pain, Dr. Slovut says.

The pain can be in any part of the leg, from the calf to the thigh or buttock, and it may be in one or both legs. It’s also reproducible: The pain happens when walking a certain distance (like two blocks), it’s relieved by rest, and then occurs again when walking the same distance.


Nighttime cramps

While sleeping, people with PAD may get cramps or spasms, typically in the heel, forefoot, or toes, says Darren Schneider, MD, director of the Center for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at New York–Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center.

The pain can often be relieved by dangling the foot off the bed or sitting in a chair, which allows gravity to assist blood flow to the feet, Dr. Schneider says.

Know The Causes of High Cholesterol

You’re not alone—so do about 100 million other Americans. High cholesterol comes from a variety of sources, including your family history and what you eat. Here is a visual journey through the most common causes.

Eating too much saturated fat (like the kind found in this classic breakfast) can cause high cholesterol. You will find this unhealthy fat in foods that come from animals. Beef, pork, veal, milk, eggs, butter, and cheese contain saturated fat. Packaged foods that contain coconut oil, palm oil, or cocoa butter may have a lot of saturated fat. You will also find saturated fat in stick margarine, vegetable shortening, and most cookies, crackers, chips, and other snacks.

Your beer belly isn’t just bad for your social life. Being overweight may increase triglycerides and decrease HDL, or good cholesterol. Losing that gut can go a long way toward improving your beach bod, too.

Hey, get off that couch and get moving. Lack of physical activity may increase LDL, or bad cholesterol, and decrease HDL, or good cholesterol.

After you reach age 20, your cholesterol levels naturally begin to rise. In men, cholesterol levels generally level off after age 50. In women, cholesterol levels stay fairly low until menopause, after which they rise to about the same level as in men.

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How Muscle Building Works People, nowadays, are getting more in shape and are taking serious effort into living a healthy lifestyle with more emphasis on physical conditioning, especially on the area on muscle building. So, here are some important tips to help build up your muscles. Protein foods, when stored in the body, will help build your muscle mass. In order to digest the right amount of protein in relation to your body weight, the ideal ratio is one gram protein to a pound of your weight. Therefore, if you weigh around 150 pounds, you have to consume something like 150 grams of meat or protein foods on a daily basis. Dietary recipes like a protein shake drink or a mixture of whey protein and oatmeal which should be taken before and after the work out could also help in building good results. A good and fun way to help you energize after a workout is by eating ice cream. Complex carbohydrates, like whole grain breads and oats, are ideal energy-boosting foods which should help strengthen and sustain your body throughout your workout. You may stick to a body-building program, around two to three times a week of routine exercises, which will help jump start your way to muscle building. Starting with a routine program just to build up your muscles must be taken with time consideration, such that you should never be in a hurry or be overboard in doing all the strenuous exercises, but instead allow your body to have enough time to recover and relax.
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It is important to note that when you do weight lifting you need to be guided properly as to what would be the ideal weights to use since different weights are designed according to the different muscle fibers of the body. Building muscle mass is better achieved using the free weights rather than machines since you are free to adjust to the lifting motion instead of being restricted by the machine motion. Remember, your body needs time to build your muscles in the right proportions, so it’s best to invest in a good workout routine which are simple exercises, instead of spending money on expensive training programs.
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A good attitude on this will push you to get the results you are looking for and coupled with hard work will truly payoff. Patience, too, is needed as this fitness venture takes proper time to achieve. It just shows that there is no such a thing as an overnight success; so follow a healthy program of building your muscles.

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What Are Your Best Toenail Fungus Treatment Options? For anyone who’s suffering from toenail fungus, the foremost response is to go to the doctor and have it checked. But there’s no denying that not everyone is willing enough to go to the doctor to have it treated. If you happen to be one of those who don’t have time to go to the doctor, you still have other options for treating your toenail fungus infection, including the use of over-the-counter creams and lotions as well as natural remedies made out of common household products. So for this article, we’ll be discussing each treatment option that’s readily available for you and then it will be your job to find out which one you think will help you the quickest way. It’s fair to begin with the most common medications that a doctor will likely prescribe you.
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1 – Terbinafine
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It’s true that there is no such thing as the best toenail fungus treatment since every medication is unique; but that doesn’t deny the fact that terbinafine is quite to becoming one. This medication comes in the form of pills and must be taken once per day for twelve straight weeks. 2 – Griseofulvin This prescription medication, unlike the first one, is to be taken orally twice a day for as long as it takes until the toenail infection is finally gone. Griseofulvin is also commonly prescribed by doctors to severe cases of toenail fungus and might be taken for up to 18 months. 3 – Zetaclear Although it’s not technically a prescription medication, Zetaclear remains to be one of the best nail fungus treatments out there. The best thing about it is its two-step system of killing the fungi and then preventing the likelihood of an infection later on. Aside from prescription medication, there also are effective do-it-yourself types of treatments for toenail fungus. Several types of home remedies are effective against toenail infection because they are made of specific ingredients that can naturally fight off or kill fungi. 1 – Tea tree oil Tea tree oil has been used all throughout history as an effective treatment for fungus. Since it is readily available in many parts of the world, it is one of the most convenient ways to treat toenail fungus. Those who have tried it testified that progress appeared in as early as three weeks. 2 – Cinnamon oil extract If you have trouble finding tea tree oil, the next option is cinnamon oil extract. However, the procedure in this one is different because you will have to spend some time soaking your infected toenails in water that has about two percent of the cinnamon oil extract mixed in there. 3 – White vinegar Since white vinegar is an indispensable ingredient in the kitchen, you won’t have any problems using this home remedy for the treatment of your toenail fungus. All you have to do is soak your feet in it at least twice a day to slow the infection down and eventually kill what’s causing it.

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Ways in Which Electronic Cigarettes can Help in Quitting Smoking When a person is trying to quit smoking cigarettes it isn’t so easy like deciding that they will not smoke and that becomes the end of it. Since at times the habit could have escalated to an addiction, to quit smoking is a long journey. Actually, when one is determined they can overcome the addiction and move on with their lives. Causing cancer to the lungs, teeth, gums and the throat include the injurious effects cigarette smoking can cause to the body. Also, it can cause death to people especially if one is asthmatic. It causes discoloration of the teeth too as well as premature shedding of the teeth. People use different materials such as nicotine gums, patches and others uses inhalers when starting the journey to quit smoking. Not for everyone will these methods work since patches seem not to work, the nicotine gums tend to give someone hiccups within a few minutes of chewing them and the inhalers don’t give the hit a person really expects. Ten minutes without cigarette to an addicted person can be quite stressful. Recommended electronic cigarettes have been to help avoid all this trouble. The electronic cigarette is quite good because for one it does not have the strong smell cigarettes do have of nicotine. One tends to take the electronic cigarette with the highest and strongest levels of nicotine most times they note them. Dropping the nicotine level is a consideration one should make once they have used the e-cigarette for a while and they seem comfortable enough to use it properly. The difference one will surely notice it but it is usually a small price to pay.
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Just a matter of time it is and one gets used to it. There are a wide range of electronic liquids to take into consideration. Strengths that vary do different companies have. There are strongest, medium and the lowest strength. One starts from the strongest to the medium and then the lowest and this eventually leads one to quit. To the strongest e-liquid after getting used, one should consider a shift to the medium and in the same way to the low strengths.
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To stop smoking one should start deliberately leaving the e-cigarette at home when they get to the lowest strength stuff. At this time one is not much reliant on the cigarette and it can do no harm anyway. Substituted by those that have zero nicotine levels which are there is the habit of smoking but not the nicotine addiction. Getting the best brand of e-cigarette can play a major role in helping a person quit smoking.

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Types of Spa You Can Find in Vienna For a long time, massage has been part and parcel of the healing processes in the medical section, and it is also a good way of maintaining perfect health. Massage has evolved over time and innovation has brought in newer versions of spa types which are widely practiced today. Spa services have numerous benefits, and the number of spa attendance is gradually increasing, and therefore, it is necessary to bring to potential clients’ attention the various services available in a spa and the types which exist in Vienna. There is a broad range of Spas in Vienna; from luxurious world-class getaway Spas to modern day Spas in industrious locations. Despite whichever spa you choose to go, all of them offer refreshing, soothing and luxurious spa treatments. We can have a look at some spa types that are existent so that you find it easy to select one when in need. Ayurvedic Spa – This kind of Spa originates from an old Indian traditional practice of folk medicine which consists of dietary, natural treatment, massage, yoga, and aromatherapy.
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Day Spa – This spa treatment takes a few hours or even a whole day. Usually, these services are offered in self-contained facilities but they are also available in full-service salons, resorts shopping malls. The service can last from a few hours to a whole day.
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Destination Spa – These are spots where attendees can take part in various structured plans, including, fat loss, diet, a workout routine, recovery, yoga and a pampering massage which makes the whole experience excellent. This spa aims to rejuvenate your body, refresh your mental capacity and uplifts your spirits. Eco-Spa – This is specially designed to suit the needs of nature lovers, and it makes use of environmental components to provide spa therapy with the addition of chemicals or processed substances. This type is the Green Spa, and it focuses on organic materials only. Medical Spa – This spa focuses on proper health, preventive health care, and cosmetic processes together with other progressive methods of treatment. There is often a Medical Manager overseeing all procedures in conjunction with Physicians of varied professions, such as complementary and alternative medicine, dermatology, cosmetic surgery, along with classic head-to-toe elegant spa treatments. Resort Hotel Spa – This type of Spa targets visitors in a hotel who can take advantage of the Spa to relax their bodies after a long day while going on with their stay. Here, attendees may merge holidays along with the features of the modern resort which are on offer. The location of these hotels is carefully chosen so that it takes advantage of nature components such as a natural source of spring. In a nutshell, spa services are very essential. Despite your health condition, you can make use of spa services. Everyone is free to get the services including children. They have numerous health benefits alongside the provision of pleasure and enjoyment.

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Different Factors To Consider When Selecting a Spa. This is a non-medical procedure employed to improve on health. The process is done in salon and spa resumes and destination spa. There is a variety of services that can be offered in these places that are helpful to our bodies. The spa use water to treat the health problems. Choosing an excellent spa is good because it is going to give you the service that you expect. There are different ways in which you can be able to identify and get a good spa. Through consulting friends and family members. Do the online search and look for information that can guide you on getting a good spa. Choose a spa within your close proximity. Learn how the different customers have recommended the spa. Make some few calls and enquire for more information. The spa should be well equipped. When you want to enjoy the service it is good to choose the one that has all the modern equipment. A spa with a great ambiance and It is nice looking can help you to rejuvenate. Check on the brands and the products that are being used in the spa facility. Ensure that the products are from the original manufacturers and no counterfeits. High standards of the products is one of the key factors that should be put in high regard. Ensure that the spa is clean and the linens and the towels being used are clean. All the items and the products should be displayed in the right places. The furniture should be right and in its rightful place. The Spa Staff should be experts and professionals who take their work seriously. Preferably be dressed in a uniform that is clean. The windows and also at the corners of the window panes should be well cleaned, as those are some of the areas that are neglected in most places. Check the level of cleanliness in the facility that you are going to get the services from. All the floors should be clean and a breath of fresh air. comfort is necessary for every spa. A unique experience is what you look forward to when you visit a spa. High quality service should be your experience. When you go to a spa it is for your body to relax. A license to operate is another requirement. the longer the spa has been in operation because that could mean more experience. The staff should be sure and experienced in the kind of services they are giving to the clients. Some of these procedures can be dangerous sometimes if they are performed incorrectly.
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Consider the location of the spa, choose a spa that is in a convenient location, away from the bustle and the hustles of a busy life. Many spas will give discounts on the services that are offered, therefore select wisely.The Essential Laws of Options Explained

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Can You Use your Smartphone for Sperm Count Test? Assessing the infertility of a man, sperm count test or semen analysis is the best thing to do, it will be very accurate. It will start with collecting the semen of the person. And then pass it to a specialist or a semen expert so that he or she can start with the analysis and get a diagnosis from it. If you want an accurate test , make sure that the semen is fresh, meaning a sample must be not later than half an hour old to be able to used for sperm count test. There will be another step after the semen is obtained. The semen will be put into a special container and an expert will be examining it after it is placed inside. To get a good result or accurate result from the sperm count test, giving out multiple samples for testing will be recommended because the sperm in semen will greatly vary. But make sure that you follow two important tips when you are going to handle the semen for sperm count test. You have to make sure that care and concentration will be the two things you focus on. You have to make sure that through the course of the test, you will be considering a couple of factors. And there will be several factors that will be analyzed and checked within the process just like the number of sperm in the semen. They will be examining the sperms mobility plus the size and the shape that the sperm will have. The experts will also be checking the sperm’s density and volume and also the color of the sperm. The numbers will show that the optimum fertility will be 20 million per milliliter and 40 million per ejaculation. And a low sperm count will be 15 million per milliliter, that is the diagnostics of a low sperm count. There are instances that the results will be that there are abnormalities in your sperm count result. The best thing to do right after you get a low sperm count is to find out what caused it. You can also check your results using your smartphone, yes, you can thanks to the advancement of technology. There is an app that you can download and it will help you with the sperm count test results. You can now do the sperm count test on your smartphone if you have the app.5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Technology

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Test Your Sperm On An App For Your Smartphone Perhaps you have been trying to make a baby with your wife and somehow, no matter how hard you try, it just has not happened yet. Your wife even bought an ovulation predictor kit. And you may have already bought a sperm count kit but the ones available in the market right now only test how many sperm there are, and not how well they move. Fortunately, there’s an FDA-approved test now that will allow you to use a smartphone app to not only count sperm but find out how well they swim. In this kit, you will be provided with a product that comes with an app and a mini-microscope “clip” that is placed at the top your phone to access the device’s light, focus and recording capabilities. The kit is very easy to use as you simply need to prepare the sample on a slide (like the one you did in biology class), stick it into the clip and after two minutes, you will see the actual movement of the sperm on your phone screen. You will then have to wait another minute to see the test results. While waiting, you can entertain yourself by answering some cheeky “sperm trivia” to lighten the mood. You will be getting a copy of the video and the results in the app. To make this product accurate, extensive training for over four years have been made, as detailed by Marcia Deutsch, CEO of Medical Electronic Systems. Deutsch also said that the technology is capable of reading sperm sample 99 percent of the time, as long as you follow the instructions correctly. If it is able to read the results, they are more than 97 percent accurate based on FDA studies of 316 participants of the study. Buyers will have to take note though that since the produce is sold over-the-counter, the test cannot reveal actual values, instead it gives a reading of “low” or “moderate/normal” based on World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for sperm motility and concentration. The test reports a combination of the two parameters and it is called as the “motile sperm concentration,” or the number of moving sperm.
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Just like any home test, users have to remember that the sperm count app is just the first step to figuring out if you have a fertility issue. So if your results come back low, do not panic yet; go to a fertility clinic to confirm the results. Aside from the motility and concentration though, you will need to go check out the morphology, which is how many normally shaped sperm there are. You will want to go see a doctor for this one. If you have not conceived still in one year even after normal results, best that you go see a doctor.What Do You Know About Resources

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Lose Targeted Weight by Using These Tricks Genetics play a large role in where and how we store body fat and thus women are more predisposed to gain weight in their hips, butt and thighs whereas men are more likely to gain weight in their stomach which is why exercising these areas will help the muscles underneath grow. A large layer of fat over these muscles will become more visible with growth and may make the area look slightly tighter and more muscular than previously if you are not carrying these but you won’t actually be losing any fat in that area because those areas will look larger than they would if you simply had a low body fat percentage if you gain a large amount of muscle like through a strength-training or weight lifting regimen. The only reliable way to slim down your problem areas is to lose body fat overall but unfortunately, we can’t determine which areas shed fat first. Only by continuing to drop weight will you eventually see results in you abdomen so if you carry most of your weight in your stomach along with a little excess fat overall, you may notice your face, arms, legs or breasts slimming down before the weight on your stomach starts to drop. Most doctors and fitness experts agree that real fat loss begins in the kitchen not in the gym thus many doctors and nutritionists cite 2lbs per week as a healthy weight loss goal and while it may seem pointless to exercise, there are two main reasons why it is important for people with the aesthetic goals of achieving the perfect beach body.
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Exercising along with dieting due to the fact that exercise helps you retain lean muscle mass while dieting, which keeps your metabolism from bottoming out and therefore they are more likely to keep the weight off than their counterparts who lose weight simply by dieting and also, because working out and eating right are part of a healthy lifestyle and committing to a healthy lifestyle is easier for many people to maintain than yo-yo dieting.
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The other reason exercise is important to people looking to lose weight for an aesthetic reason is because of muscle hypertrophy which is when your muscle increases in size often becoming visible under the skin, think six-pack abs or bulging biceps. Simply losing weight will simply make you skinny rather than make you look fit or cut and so only by pairing fat loss with periods of caloric surplus and muscle gain you can achieve the idealized fit body.

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Benefits of Weight Loss. The following reasons can encourage you to register with the weight loss program. Losing weight can be challenging, but once you start the program you need to fight on. There are several benefits to your health for losing weight the right way. The general benefits are that you will look good, feel better, increase your self-esteem you look good and it makes it easier for you to walk around. When you decide to take on the program there are very many health benefits that you benefit from. You prevent your body from suffering from major diseases that cause death. Diseases like high blood pressure, strokes and heart disease are prevented. Both young and old people are being affected by the heart disease and stroke because of being overweight. They can also cause disability of the body. Loss of excess weight can save you from these complications. The excess accumulation of excess fat in your body can be the main cause. Check your body weight always to be on the safe side. With regular exercises and organized weight loss program you can prevent this from happening and also monitoring your eating behaviors’. Stroke can be prevented. Being overweight causes the diabetes disease. This affects your everyday lifestyle. Another serious disease caused by the excess weight is the Diabetes 1 and 2. If you have the disease already a healthy leaving, for example eating well and exercising regularly can reduce the symptoms associated with this disease, therefore might reduce the reliance on the medicines like insulin. Throw away the wrong food and replace it with the right and healthy types of food. Walk around to help burn the excess fat in your body and drinks lots of fluids. Another merit of losing weight is that you tremendously reduce the risk of getting cancer. Losing the excess weight can prevent the colon and heart diseases. With good nutrition and regular exercise you stay free of cancer.
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Another disease that can be caused by the excess weight is arthritis. This affects the joints, and it is associated with severe pain. when the body is overweight it makes the joint lose its alignment due to the excess weight. The excess pressure to the joints causes arthritis. The discomfort is very painful. The regular exercises can help keep your joints strong, well lubricated and flexible. sleeping well is important and therefore you need to exercise well. Sleep Apnea is caused by lack of sleep. Sometimes there is heavy breathing and snoring. This causes tiredness and also drowsiness. Losing weight the excess weight can help you with this problem. Taking the initiative to start exercising and lose weight is a great initiative and it will do you good. Before you start this initiative it is very important that you consult a qualified nutritionist who will guild you during this process.The Beginners Guide To Tips (What You Need To Know To Get Started)

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The Spa Treatment Advantages The numerous TV ads that are meant to convince people to go to spas always seem too good to be true. However, there are numerous scientific studies that have shown that spas are very beneficial to the body. Next is a look at some of the merits you are likely to get. You will get to disengage from everything in the world and get some quality time alone. Among the aspects that you will escape from include friends, family members, spouse, and job. It is from keeping away from everything that you get to take a look at life from a different angle. You also get to eliminate the endless stresses that these aspects bring into your life. A number of spa treatments are instrumental in reducing the level of cellulite in your body and metabolizing fat cells. If you have been unsuccessful in your weight loss efforts or simply want to start the process, regular spa treatment sessions will be of great assistance.
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You will stop the aging process if you attend spa sessions frequently because there will be the stimulation of the cells of your body. Your skin will become more resilient, and that will show in terms of even skin tone, reduced wrinkling, and the absence of aging signs.
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Eating unhealthy foods for some time and consistent exposure to the harmful rays of the sun can cause various health-related issues in your body since it will be unable to function properly, and that makes detoxification critical. Your looks will also suffer considerably due to the levels of toxins in your body. If you go to the spa regularly, the eliminated toxins will show in the good health and great looks you will end up with. There will be an increase in lymph flow once you take part in regular spa massages. You will, consequently, fall ill less often since your immune system will get a substantial boost. Besides, there will be the elimination of bacteria, metabolic waste, toxins, and excess water from your muscles. Problems like muscle soreness and swelling will all get eliminated completely. If you go to the spa from time to time, it will be easy to enhance your blood circulation levels to a considerable extent. Your body cells will benefit from high levels of oxygen and nutrients that reach them. Your quality of life will improve significantly if you go to the spa frequently. Among the effects that will result are improved sleep and fewer incidents of feeling sick. Life will be very enjoyable for you and it will be possible to go to work every day since cases of absenteeism due to illnesses will be kept minimal. Besides, the increased rate at which your body will release serotonin will make your moods high in most instances, making you a happy person.